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Latin American Botanicals

Our formulas are packed with over 20 plant species from Maya, Aztec, Andean, Mapuche, and Inca territories, like Acai, Babassu, Chia, Jojoba, Maracuja, Maqui, Papaya, Patauá, Prickly Pear, Rosa Mosqueta, Yerba Maté y mas

Plant Derived, Cruelty Free & Vegan Formulas

100% vegan, cruelty- free formulas. We source ingredients from nature that have been used for centuries known for their healing properties and many are certified organic.

Social Responsibility & The Latinx Community

We support Latinx entrepreneurs and organizations protecting the lands of our ancestors like Peru’s Madre de Dios, where offsets promote sustainable timber harvesting.


Created by two Latinx amigas who saw a need to reclaim our ancestor's healing ingredients for clean wellness, and to help Latinas find our own version of self-care.

H O L A . V A M I G A S

Un blog de Health & Wellness

This is so needed! Brands honestly don’t understand modern Latinas today. We are being left behind

Black and Latinx women have for too long been left out of the beauty industry. And we are just now finding out about the harsh chemicals placed in the products that target us. This is an excellent solution that puts our health first

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