3 Foodie Ingredients You’ll Be Putting On Your Smoothies - And Your Face - In 2020

Photo by Trang Doan from Pexels

You love your weekend acai bowl with probiotic coconut yogurt, live to “cacao everything”, and your knowledge about adaptogenics is unbeatable. But did you know that some of the ingredients you add to your smoothies and bowls are also sort of perfect for your face?

 No, you don’t have to immediately run home and slather Guarana under your eyes  - many brands are already adding these into their ingredients list; and we think they’ll be huge this year.

 Here are 3 little known delicious ingredients that you’ll be putting on your face in 2020 - in addition to your plate:

 Goji Berries:

Popular since ancient China, it’s been traditionally used to treat eye, liver and kidney problems, and it’s a well-known antioxidant. Today, it’s added to beauty products to fight under eye circles, and encourage collagen and elastin production


A type of passionfruit eaten all over the world but especially in South American countries like Brazil, Peru and Chile, where it is mixed into delicious drinks. This very juicy fruit is full of vitamin A, C, iron and more. Beauty brands have begun to add it to their tinctures to promote things like slowing down aging by nixing free radical damage, protecting against carcinogens, and fighting inflammation.



This anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory powerhouse from Asia -  and used heavily in Ayurvedic  medicine and in scrumptious Asian dishes - also doubles as a surprising beauty serum. The yellow element decreases UV damage, clears up acne, and can even help with skin issues like psoriasis and stretch marks.

 Whether you enjoy eating these interesting global ingredients or adding their powerhouse nutrition to your face, you’ll be seeing them in more and more products this year (like in our very own Luz de Sur serum, which nourishes your skin with a natural dose of Maracujá oil).

Photo by Trang Doan from Pexels