(Hispanic Heritage) If You're Doing These 3 Things, Then You're Definitely In Your Señora Life

(Hispanic Heritage) If You're Doing These 3 Things, Then You're Definitely In Your Señora Life

I admit it, Christina and I have been bitten by the Señora life bug. As I wrote about previously, señora era has many loose meanings, but there are several ideas that tie it together and we're talking all about it for Hispanic Heritage Month in our annual Señora Life Chronicles

The hustle culture that was popularized during the era of the hot Silicon Valley startup is clearly dying, quiet quitting is having a moment, and it even seems like we're nearing the end of flex culture (are you seeing the Tik Tok Kardashian backlash?). 

Personally, we think that this interesting movement means that our culture is  entering a new era where it's no longer okay to put up with toxic workplaces or horrible, unethical bosses, and where we're not falling for this idea that your work life is your whole life and that you must win at any cost. That just seems so.....90's. Not in a good way. 

Your work life should just be just a small part of who you are, and sometimes it's okay to take a step back however that may look like, for your own health and happiness. 

If you combine this general tendency with a longing for the vida tranquila that our abuelas seemed to live, and a wish to make things less complicated and more calm - you put all of these things together, stir the cazuela and you have a bunch of Latinas  putting Señora life on the map. 

We have had many people asking us what exactly Señora life means and if they're also señoras, and so we wanted to paint a more clearer picture by asking our Vamigas community what it means to them, in time for Hispanic Heritage month. 

In general the trend that we're finding is that being in your señora era means the following three things:

#1 You're comfortable with yourself and with who you are right now 

The older you get, the less you care about what other people think of you. Have you ever met a Thirsty señora? Someone hungry to get everyone to like her? Me neither. Señoras do their own thing for their own reasons. 

Senora Era for myself is embracing who you are after all you have been thru and continuing to still thrive. Taking time to enjoy who I am.

-- Lilly (Beauty Advisor & Cosmetologist)

Honestly, I've felt like a señora for a while now, even though I just turned 30 last month. For me, "Señora Era" is less about age and more about growing up. For the last couple of years I've been doing more work within myself to become the woman I have wanted to be. It's small steps, but I'm becoming more myself. I'm more confident in my talents and abilities, I'm more attune to my needs (emotional, spiritual, physical, etc). I'm more comfortable with my body... My Señora Era is about figuring out what kind of woman I want to be and taking the steps that I need in order to become her; I feel like I'm on the right path so far.  

-- Ces Heredia 

#2 You're turning into and honoring your mama 

Most of the folks we talked to mentioned in some way that they realized they were becoming more like their moms - and they loved it. It was always the cozy little things that mattered - the music, the quiet moments, and the traditions in the routines we go through every day. 

There's also a part of me that's slowly (or, not so slowly, tbh) becoming my mom. All the little quirks of hers that used to make me roll my eyes (like not being able to leave the dirty dishes for "later" or carrying around a huge purse with anything from Tylenol to a satin removing kit) have somehow found their way into my own routine and life. I've caught myself saying the same things she'd say and subconsciously mimicking her tone of voice when I get mad or annoyed. There's so much of me in her and I love that I get to carry a little piece of my favorite Señora in me.  

-- Ces Heredia 


Señora era is self care a mi manera! It’s making my cafecito in the morning and having a quiet moment to myself before getting the kids to school and the morning rush. It’s listening to the songs that my mom used to listen to while cleaning and adding Bad Bunny to the playlist. I’m redefining what Señora means by continuing the traditions I enjoy and making new ones that fit my lifestyle as an entrepreneur and mom of two. No tenemos Que olvidarnos de nosotras mismas as we enter the Señora era 

-- Gabriela owner of Postres Cafe  



#3 You're not quitting; rather, you're focusing on mindful winning, and paying it forward

Señoras aren't quiet quitting. We're hanging in there, making things happen, turning our goals into reality, and winning at life, but in a way that signifies something much bigger than our success. 

Señora means to me to make those dreams into reality. To step up from sueños into making it happen. I’m stepping on my señora era blocking all the negative energy from anywhere that comes from. I have understood I need to listen to my gut y al carajo lo demás.

-- Karla from Karla & Co

Señora era means to stay true to your dreams and to influence others to chase their dreams too! Either by working together towards one goal or supporting each other in ways that helps with both their and your success. I always believe that your own success reflects on your personal friendships or team you lead. Who you surround yourself is a reflection of you as a person! I have worked hard to get to where I am today and hope my future señora era is bringing my knowledge and passion to others and become a brand educator for a brand! 

 -- Gwen, Digital beauty content creator & Co Sales Manager for Ulta Beauty


 Come back next week for our next episode of the Señora Life Chronicles. If you want to share what your own Señora Life looks like, email me at hola@vamigas.com and we may send you a little Rosa Mosqueta infused lip oil. 

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