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IPSY: 30 Women-Founded Brands Changing the Beauty Industry

Posted by Ann Murray-Dunning on
IPSY: 30 Women-Founded Brands Changing the Beauty Industry

Next time you’re walking down the beauty aisle at your local drugstore, or you’re shopping for your next holy grail product online, take note of how many brands you know are founded by women in the industry. The truth is, while there are endless products marketed to women, the money behind the industry is still largely not held by women.

The influence women have in beauty—from discovering new and powerful ingredients to gaps in the market that take the beauty world by storm—is major. That’s why we’re celebrating the female founders that are redefining standards of beauty, sustainability, and inclusivity, and creating products we can’t live without.

These brands were founded by movers and shakers, by women who challenge the status quo, and who champion inclusivity in the beauty space. To sum it up, they’re inspiring. Read on to discover 30 of our favorite female-founded beauty brands to support today (and every day).


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