Refrigerators...For Skincare?

Refrigerators...For Skincare?

You say you like to keep up on all things beauty and skincare related, but I bet you haven't heard of this one: beauty refrigerators? 

It's a big thing coming out of influencer circles: mini fridges that help your makeup and skincare products stay fresh. They are cute, sometimes pink, and generally start at $39.99. 

But are they really worth it? Pop Sugar has gotten to the bottom of things, by going straight to the pros, and asking a skincare specialist.

The bottom line of skincare refrigerators:

  • They are especially useful if you're a fan of clean beauty because given these products have no preservatives, they are harder to store and keep fresh. 
  • Serums like Vitamin C in particular can degrade quickly if not stored in a cool, dry place - and may even turn into nasty things like erythrulose, which can't be good for your piel. You'll enjoy it for much longer if you store in a fridge. This goes for your yerba mate toners and acai serums. 
  • Things like eye creams, rollers and masks don't require it but it helps create chilliness that drives out overnight puffiness. 

The question is, should you give in to the insta-pressure and buy a beautiful skincare fridge  - or just use your tried and true refrigerator? We'll leave that up to you - and your wallet.