The Hidden Meaning of Your Señora Era & Why It's Okay To Be Anti-Hustle

The Hidden Meaning of Your Señora Era & Why It's Okay To Be Anti-Hustle

You've heard it on Tik Tok and Instagram. What does Señora mean, and what does it mean to say you're living your Señora life

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Technically, a Señora is a Mrs. or Ms. or a Doña - a woman over a certain age (that age is up for debate) who might be a young professional, a SAHM, a working mom, or even an older grandmother.

She loves a routine that usually includes tecito (tea) or cafecito, a nice stroll around the neighborhood followed by a good house cleaning, and ending the day sitting on your porch. Actually I think that's where the #hotgirlwalk got started, but I digress..

There has been an explosion of viral content about the "Señora Life" on Instagram and Tik Tok, and millions of Latinas are documenting the little moments of their own Señora stages: drinking tea, resting, gardening folding clothes - and getting millions of views. 

Even we got in on the fun, documenting my move from the city to the campo life, my DIY beauty projects, and mi jardin, over on our TikTok and thanks to going viral, creating a Señora Era community of 100K amigas, where we talk about Latina wellness, natural living, cleantok, plant trends, new luks, and more. 

It even helped us score a book deal, Radical Señora EraWhat Latin American Ancestral Lifestyle and Wellness Secrets Can Teach us about Living a More Natural, Calm Life (Dafina Imprint, Kensington Books, 2025). 

Seems simple enough, no? But to us, being in your Señora era is so much more than simple self-care. It means you're done with the "hustle culture" that's been pushed down your throat for the last decade; the pressure to squeeze more in 12 hours of work into the shift, optimize, work hard, work late, bend over backwards for your work no matter the cost: your family, your physical health or mental health. 

It's okay to work and to love your career. It's not okay to overdo it to the point of exhaustion, or to give your all to a place or organization that maybe doesn't put the same effort into you and gives you back the bare minimum.

Your Señora era means aggressive self-care, protecting your mental health, putting yourself or your familia first. It means clocking out of work at the end of the day and devoting it to doing things that make you feel good. 

Not everyone is about the hustle culture life. Some folks want to clock off for the day, bake pan amasado or cazuela and watch a little bit of Nuestra Belleza Latina or House of The Dragon. You get things done on your own time. 

And tell me, how freeing is it to not feel that pressure to always be performing, and always trying to outdo, outrun, outspend? This new era is truly an anti-hustle movement that's helping us live our best lives during these really tough last few years we have all been through.

Because you deserve a rest, amiga. 


In its most basic form, it's about resting when you need to; caring for yourself so that you are your best, most powerful and energized self when you need to be. 

During Hispanic Heritage, Vamigas asked hundreds of our community what their own Señora lives look like and will be sharing with you, here on our blog.

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