Tiktok Latin American Beauty Index

Tiktok Latin American Beauty Index

The Most TikTok-Famous Skincare Ingredients From Latin America, Ranked

Could Tiktok views be a future predictor of the hottest skincare products of the future? 

That's what we're betting on.  

Our data crunching team of beauty data scientists have come up with the Tik Tok Latin American Beauty Ingredient Index: A ranking of what are the most popular ingredients right now that are sourced from Latin America. 

Why? Latin American skincare botanicals have been trending hard over the last few years, with once rare ingredients like Tepezcohuite, Rosa Mosqueta and Yerba Mate now making their way into indie, to big beauty brands and major retailers. 

To compile the Index, we looked at what Latin American ingredients are the most popular terms on tiktok by tracking the volume of views for each term on the social media platform, based on its hashtags. 

Here is what we found, with the ingredient alongside the number of views of that particular hashtag on Tiktok.

Tiktok Latin American Beauty Ingredient Index:

#1 Aloe Vera 3,300,000,000 (TikTok views)
#2 Acai 2,300,000,000
#3 Papaya 1,800,000,000
#4 Yerba Mate 892,700,000
#5 Prickly Pear 90,300,000
#6 Rosehip Rosa Mosqueta 28,400,000
#7 Tepezcohuite 18,800,000
#8 Cupuacu 6,200,000
#9 Pataua 4,000,000
#10 Murumuru butter 413,000
#11 Babassu 155,800
#12 Maracuja Oil 126,700
#13 Chia Seed 106,200
#14 Tucuma butter 10,600

Because Tiktok users skew younger, we were also curious to find out how Tiktok views correlated with popularity in traditional media, where audiences vary in age. 

For this, we analyzed how many media articles each ingredient generated over the last year, and created a ranking based on the volume of articles per keyword

The media popularity ranking was not too different than the Tiktok ranking. Some trends include: 

  • Rosehip is more popular with media (#2) and less popular on Tiktok (#6) possibly signaling that it's less popular with younger skincare fans and more with older ones. 
  • Yerba Mate is more popular on Tiktok, possibly signaling that this skincare ingredient is just beginning to trend 

Latin American Beauty Ingredient Media Index:

(number in parenthesis is amount of media articles generated in the last year)

#1 Aloe Vera (15,627)
#2 Rosehip (4,477)
#3 Acai (3,725)
#4 Papaya (2,683)
#5 Cupuacu (1,143)
#6 Chia (1,136)
#7 Murumuru (1,098)
#8 Prickly Pear (1,041)
#9 Babassu (548)
#10 Yerba Mate (354)
#11 Tepezcohuite (291)
#12 Tucuma (279)
#13 maracuja oil (114)
#14 Pataua (32)

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You can find more info on these botanicals and more here


An ingredient’s viral popularity on Tiktok was ranked based on the number of views on each hashtag (October 2023). First a list of botanicals was found via online research into the most popular Latin American ingredients, and that list was matched against hashtag views on Tiktok.  Final ranking only included ingredients that generated searches that led to posts that were related to skincare, hair, and beauty ingredients (versus food or entertainment). The media ranking used the media monitoring tool Muckrack to measure the number of articles for each skincare ingredient over the last year.