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Finally: Green Beauty for Latinas

Latinas have more hormone-disrupting chemicals in our bodies, and researchers have speculated this is because we simply buy more beauty products.

We also show higher rates of infertility, breast cancer, with US-born Latinas being 3 times more likely to experience preterm birth than non US-born Latinas. 

Though there’s a clear need for Latina clean beauty, there’s zero Latinx focused clean beauty brands and corporate clean beauty is expensive.

We're a minimalist green beauty essentials line for the modern Latina, using ingredients connecting them to their roots.

This is why we talk about the Latina Green Beauty Revolution.

Pachamama (Mother Earth)

Sustainability is not a marketing campaign - it is our new reality. Vamigas thinks that we have entered a new era where our world is on fire, and there is no turning back. We must help redesign this world into one where no product is created that causes harm to any element of our Mother Earth. It is no longer trendy or innovative to be green - it’s imperative, and companies that aren’t already doing this helping prop up greed and a future disaster. This is particularly important when our own ancestral regions face massive and heightened risk: from the rainforests in Brazil and the impact that COVID is having on the Brazilian Amazonas, to hydroelectric power stations that were nearly developed in the Aysen region of Patagonia.  Every single decision that we make when creating products and packaging is made with Pachamama Mother Earth - in mind. 

This is why we control every part of production and have a deep understanding of where our products come from.

The Power of Transparency

Vamigas believes that we should seek to understand and test everything we put on our skin and in being completely transparent with our customers about how our products are made and where products are sourced. This is especially because in the past, companies that have marketed their products to us have hidden away the ingredients that affect us, and have put us and our families at higher risk of health problems. 

This is why we focus on our ingredients, and where our elements were sourced - right down to the seeds. 

The Power of Our Ancestral Lands

Where you come from in the world and where your ancestors were born has a big influence on the type of skin you have because your skin evolved for thousands of years to meet the demands of your ancestral ecosystem.

Your genes control your tendency to have oily or dry skin, or how sensitive it is to the sun, or your risk of developing things like skin cancer or acne. For example, Latinx are prone to Pseudofolliculitis barbae, when highly curved hairs grow back into the skin, causing red, itchy, painful bumps. Latinos - both Black and White - are more likely to develop squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC).

Before modern times, your ancestors may have lived on the same land for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years and so your own genetic makeup became entwined with the land. Your ancestors used plants and herbs to help protect their skin and  create cures for their particular skin ailments. 

These recipes were passed down from generation to generation, and through modern times of migration. You are most likely no longer in the same place where your ancestors lived, so why not use those same plants and herbs and tinctures to keep your skin at its healthiest? We believe that your body knows and welcomes the oils and herbs of your ancestors because it’s built into your DNA. 

This is what we call the power of the land where your ancestors came from.


Elevating ourselves and other Latinas alongside us means stepping up and creating generational wealth that will help us rise up over the next century.

Creating generational wealth means starting from the very beginning - the small business - to create a chain of events that props up the next generations of Latinas. Vamigas does this through anchoring and propping up Latina entrepreneurs who have big ideas that can change the world. This is done through education, entrepreneurship mentorship, and in some cases, funding or helping founders find money.

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