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Latin American Botanicals

Hola! We are so exited to introduce our decadent formulas to you! We’ve packed our products with natural plant species from Maya, Aztec, Andean, Mapuche, and Inca territories, like Acai, Babassu, Chia, Jojoba, Maracuya, Maqui, Papaya, Patauá, Prickly Pear, Rosa Mosqueta, Yerba Maté y mas

Plant Derived, Cruelty Free & Vegan

Leaping Bunny, 100% vegan, cruelty- free formulas. We source ingredients from nature that have been used for centuries known for their healing properties and many are certified organic.

Green Beauty & The Latinx Community

Latinas have been found to have more hormone-disrupting chemicals in our bodies, yet there's no clean beauty options targeting us. Join us as we create the Latina Green Beauty Revolution.


Created by two Latinx amigas who saw a need to reclaim our ancestor's healing ingredients for clean wellness, and to help Latinas find our own version of self-care.

H O L A . V A M I G A S

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It absorbs really well and I have seen a dramatic change in the quality of my skin. It has helped so much with moisturize and wrinkles.

I love that they have brought a product that has been in our families in South America for generations. I use it for wrinkles and sun spots, I love its texture and the size of the bottle.

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