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Mancha Erasers

Many of our formulas use a "Bio Retinol" - a natural alternative to skin irritating Retinol. These powerful botanicals are known in Latin America to help reduce dark spots, hyperpigmentation and Manchas.

Chilena & Mexicana Owned

We ethically source botanicals used for centuries in our families, like the rare, healing Chilean Rosehip (Rosa Mosqueta) that's harvested wild in the Andes, fed by natural mountain runoff.

Vegan, Plant Based Beauty

We keep a running list of harmful ingredients we will never use on our ourselves, our babies, or in our products, because scientific research has connected them to adverse health effects.

Hispanic Heritage Señora Life Chronicles

What the hidden meaning is to your Señora era, how to use it to slow down your life, grab giveaways and more.

Sourcing: Our Relationships

We dug into our ancestry and unearthed a treasure trove of ancient beauty secrets our families had carried on for generations. We have deep connections to the local land and this is reflected in how Vamigas sources our materials.

Here’s how we keep connections to those roots alive

It absorbs really well and I have seen a dramatic change in the quality of my skin. It has helped so much with moisturize and wrinkles.

I love that they have brought a product that has been in our families in South America for generations. I use it for wrinkles and sun spots, I love its texture and the size of the bottle.

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