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What's Up With The Juiciest of Juicy Fruits, Maracuya?

Posted by Ann Murray-Dunning on
What's Up With The Juiciest of Juicy Fruits, Maracuya?

You may have heard the term Maracuya at your favorite Peruvian restaurant - especially lately, since it's been showing up more and more in skincare lines. More commonly known as "Passion Fruit" it's native to Paraguay, southern Brazil, and parts of Argentina, where you'll hear it named grenadilla, maracuya and maracuja (with a "J"). 

The fruit, which can be purple or yellow and looks like a mango, is hard on the outside and fleshy, with seeds on the inside. It's tart when it's ripe but gets sweeter as it ages. 

Maracuya lovers in South America love to make deserts out of the fruit - think cheesecake - and juice is also a very popular use. We've even heard of our cousins in the other side of the Andes drinking it as a tasty weekend alcoholic drink. 

What does it do for your skin? It is really rich in antioxidants like Vitamin A, C, and riboflavin, which reduces free radicals in your body (which cause skin aging). This means that it's excellent for maturing skin and age spots. The juicy fruit is also incredibly hydrating, and perfect for plumping up problem spots. It's why we selected it as one of our juiciest ingredients to add to our upcoming line. We can't wait to share it with you. 


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