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Packaging & Our Carbon Offsets

It is an unfortunate fact that plastic is now everywhere: in our oceans, clogging up our landfills, and we even show traces in our bodies.

In fact, plastics were found to account for 80% of marine waste.  What’s more, 40% of global plastics end up in the landfill, and are never turned into a new resource. 

We could not start a company without also thinking about the impact we will have on the environment. It’s the new business reality. 


This is why we only use glass - because it’s recyclable. This means that the products made from glass have the same quality as the original form. Plastic, on the other hand, downgrades - or is “downcycled” - every time it’s recycled and so it often ends up in carpets or other items because of its degraded quality.


However, there is still an environmental impact of our products, from shipping to manufacturing.

For carbon offsets, we are using the Latinx-founded company Pachama, which is leveraging data, AI, and automation to protect ecosystems, restore forests in places within South America.

It helps brands fund projects like Peru’s Madre de Dios, where offsets promote sustainable timber harvesting on two privately held forests within the Amazon, and The Alto Huayabamba Conservation project, which protects a city-size area of high-Andes forest, ranging from lush tropical cloud forests to barren mountain tops. The project includes education and outreach to those living in the project’s region, including job training and environmental awareness training.