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Wellness Inspired by Latin American Plant Magic

We believe that wellness today has gotten completely off track, and taken on a meaning very different than what "well" meant to generations of women in our past. We are redefining wellness in a way that speaks to me and you: practical, simple, easy, (mostly) free, and tested by generations of Latin American women before us. You won’t find any jade eggs or ear seeding here, just some some seeds, chamomile tea, and some rosehip to add more joy and tranquility into your every day life.

Founded by A Chilena & A Mexicana


Born in Chile's Viña del Mar - the "Vineyard by the Sea" - Ann arrived in this country as a little girl, not knowing the language, yet graduated from UCLA and USC and created an impressive 20 year career helping the hottest Silicon Valley startups. It was there where, while going through IVF, she discovered that Latinas face a disproportionate exposure to harmful chemicals in beauty products. She realized the missing puzzle piece was going back to plant-based basics and more simple beauty rituals, just as her own Latin American ancestors lived. She lives in beautiful California wine country with her familia, dabbles in herbalism and went through the School of Natural Skincare.


Christina a third generation Mexican-American from the San Francisco Bay Area, shot up through the ranks in the finance industry and venture capital space before she realized that hard charging hustle culture wasn’t for her. 

She is a Forbes 1000 recipient and has spent her career helping several CPG startups with funding. Prior to the VC space she worked for a congresswoman in the San Francisco Bay Area. She lives in Northern California with her familia.

Our products are all-natural and have been the secret ingredients of generations of Latin American women before us. We source simple, clean ingredients that have been growing in our ancestral lands for centuries.