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Founded by Latinas who had a desire to share their culture with the world

El Nombre

The name VAMIGAS was created by combining "amigas" which simply means “friends” in Spanish and the names of the founders daughters, Valentina and Margaux. This name was chosen because both founders share a common heritage: Latinx. Christina is 4th generation Mexican-American, and Ann is 1st generation immigrant from Chile. 

By Latinas For Latinas

Latinas have great skin. But that doesn't mean we have nothing to worry about. We're prone to dark spots (hyperpigmentation), sun damage, and oily skin.

Latinas have been found to have more of a toxic load from historically using many skin care products with questionable ingredients. We use cleaner, fragrance-free, paraben-and-phthalate-free ingredients.

No other products on the market focus on our special skin concerns like we do using clean ingredients from our home and ancestral lands.

Nuestras Raizes

Our products are all-natural and have been the secret ingredients of generations of Latin American women before us. We source simple, clean ingredients that have been growing in our ancestral lands for centuries. 


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