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Rosa Mosqueta

There's no such thing as "rosehip farms" - instead our rosehip grows wild in the foothills of the Andes region, in Chile. It's fruit is macerated and the resulting oil is what becomes the rich, vitamin packed Rosa Mosqueta.

Rosa Mosqueta is actually 3 separate subspecies of rosebush, one of which comes from the Latin American Rosa Rubiginosa bush. This is the varietal that's made up of trans-retonic acid, which is why Rosa Mosqueta has been called "nature's retinol" given its similar but natural components.

Rosa Mosqueta is often confused with rose as an ingredient in skincare.

However, whereas rose essence comes from rose petals of common roses, rosehips and rosa mosqueta come from the fruits and seeds of these rare Andean bushes. You'll find that they don't smell like rose - or anything for that matter. In fact, pure rosa mosqueta will smell earthy. Because it comes from the tierra, with nothing else added.