Your Hygge Skincare Routine For the End of Winter & Start of Spring

Your Hygge Skincare Routine For the End of Winter & Start of Spring

Spring is almost here - we have just a few weeks until the end of those chilly nights, and your plants finally begin to bloom. This has been a tough winter for everyone, but particularly for Latinas, as a disproportionate number of us are essential workers - our unsung heroes of 2021. So this spring Latinas have an urgent need to feel calm and centered after our shifts. 

One creative way to insert a little bit of calm into your vida is by creating a new skincare routine, or  adding new elements to your existing one that center on calmness and that help you sleep soundly at the end of your day, or face the day refreshed. A good way to do this is by channeling your inner Latina hygge. 

Hygge for all of you who haven’t yet read the book “The Little Book of Hygge”, involves concept that in Danish culture is called hygge; the critical importance of making the home cozy. The word means a feeling of comfort and wellness through little things like un cafesito, a blanket, some super comfy PJs, a book, taking care of your garden. This has everything to do with self-care, or autocuidado, and doing things that protect your own well-being and happiness. It's exactly the movement that we need right now. 

Here’s how you can incorporate Hygge calmness into your new Spring beauty rutina:

Mascaras y Mas Mascaras

Masks have a special place in any beauty routine, but they have the added benefit of making us feel so fresh after we wash it off. It’s the ultimate cozy add-on. We are currently in love with DIYing own coffee masks using things like freshly used coffee grinds and coconut sugar but of course you could just buy your own. Make sure it's fresh and has excellent ingredients. 

Light a Candle 

Lighting candles are a big part of our grandmother’s routines at la misa, but it’s also a big part of creating a cozy home. Candles are central to hygge life, because they create a warm, soothing glow. Light your favorite candle in the evening as you prepare your face for bedtime. If you dim the lights, you'll feel especially comfy. 

Fire Up Yummy Smells

If your candle doesn’t have a smell, having a diffuser ready (the ones with the reed sticks, or else you will fill your entire casa with the smell of palo santo and accidentally drive the ghosts of your house into the light). Soothing smells create a very special vibe in your home and particularly in your bedroom. 

Use Ayurveda - or Tesito 

Have an ayurvedic tonic you made using yierbas from your pantry while you mask up and clean your face. My favorite hot drink has things like a tumeric latte - or just simply un tesito. Chamomile is the absolute best and we still have no idea why or how it calms us so much in the evening (lately it's been our antidote to that segunda copa de vino that we should not be having before bed). Just make sure you avoid caffeinated teas or else you’ll end up jittery and wide-eyed at midnight. Our Honduran friends have a special recipe where they mix chamomile, aniseed, dried rosemary and ginger. It's especially great to calm and warm your tummy. 

That’s it! That is how easy it is to incorporate a little bit of Latina hygge into your beauty routine - or create a new one. Having a skincare routine will make you feel prepared and ready to face the Spring more calm and relaxed.