Here’s the Pandemic Autocuidado Routine That Will Get You Through The Day

Here’s the Pandemic Autocuidado Routine That Will Get You Through The Day

Both of us know what it’s like to be first time moms with full time jobs - we both have babies under 3, and one of us had a baby when everything was just starting to lock down. What’s more, we are like many of you going through these really hard times - no day cares or sitters or extra help. It’s been really really hard. 

One critical part of our day that we both agree keeps us afloat - and helps us feel good after the hard days - is to keep up our daily routine. And it’s not what you might expect - nothing pricey to buy, or big hauls to do. It’s little things like making sure you spend time outdoors, or  finding that special craft project you have always wanted to do. 

So what part of your routine will help uplift you this week?

Meal Prep 

Your day will be infinitely better if you don’t have to worry about what on earth to eat while you’re rushing around dealing with diapers or cleaning the house. Egg muffins, potatoes, protein - anything you cook the night before will help you have a more wonderful day. 

Spend Just 15 Minutes Outdoors

Doctors now tell you to sit under the sun for 15 minutes a day to get your daily dose of Vitamin D - but that’s not all sitting outside is good for. Sitting on your back deck, porch or balcony for even a few minutes a day will considerably lift your mood. Has it been raining? Even better. Because the sound of rain is considered “non-threatening” to humans, it helps automatically soothe you; no pricey yoga mats or meditation apps needed.

Upgrade Your Skincare Routine

It’s tempting because you are just so tired all the time, but whatever you do, do not skip washing your face in the evening. Nothing feels better and turns a bad day into a good day than going to bed with a fresh face. I always follow a cleanser with high quality, thick oil, and finish with a touch of delicious smelling toner. Use the coldest water you can - you’ll feel clear and refreshed (That’s actually one of my abuela’s tips - freezing cold agua on the face!) 

It’s All About Hygge

Hygge is a “feeling” that folks from Denmark and Sweden talk about to signify overall comfort and coziness, particularly in the wintertime. Because their winters are so long and dark, many folks in that corner of the planet have to embrace the darkness and the ice. They do this by doing the simplest things that bring them happiness - baking cookies, turning on the fire, reading a book while bundled up in bed. Our version of hygge (#latinahygge?) are finding mouthwatering but simple recipes to bake for the week; making the bedroom as cozy and warm as possible; using lots of candles to make the rooms in the home sweet smelling; baking gluten free bread and making yogurt late at night or early morning before the baby wakes up. 

No matter how difficult it seems to be a mama right now, taking a few minutes here and there a cuidarnos goes a long way. What are some ways you self-caring this wintertime?