Easiest Tea and Beauty Herbs to Grow From Seed

Easiest Tea and Beauty Herbs to Grow From Seed

We have met so many of you recently on Tik Tok, where so many of our new friends are interested in gardening, herbalism and how they intersect with beauty.

I feel like this makes a lot of sense because we're a botanical beauty brand and our products are not only vegan, cruelty free but they're green - meaning free of problematic ingredients that have been connected with health risks. Rosa Mosqueta (Chilean rosehip) for example, is actually a wild rosebush that grows in the Andes. It's a match made in heaven! 

Because I post a lot of gardening and homesteading content, many of you have asked what you can do to start living the botanical/plantita life because maybe you want to start a veggie garden - or maybe you want to start a business where you grow your own herbs and make your own skincare. Or you just want to drink more tecito. 

I love plants and the plant life so much that I have been taking an herbalist course  for beginners.  Not only am I having a lot of fun reading the coursework, but it's been helping me be more organized around planning my spring garden. 

This year, I am figuring out my garden backwards - what do I want to make and eat? It's usually teas - lots of teas. Tecito de manzanilla (chamomile), tecito de tilo (linden tea), green tea, oolong, you name it I have added it to my señora era. So what better to plant than teas that you love to drink every day? 

(click here to find the meaning of señora era)

So what are some of the easiest herbs to grow from seeds? (maybe even medicinal herbs for headaches and sour stomach?). 

Here are the most useful herbs you can grow and a little description for your own garden planning:


This herb takes 2-6 weeks for germination and needs full sun. It grows pretty quick and they're gorgeous to see in your garden.  



Not necessarily great for tea but hugely useful for so many recipes! This is a perennial that takes just one week to germinate and needs full sun to partial shade. I keep this in my garden all yearlong and use it on everything, even some of my personal DIY skincare. 


Maybe the easiest to plant. It takes 2 weeks to germinate and needs full sun to partial shade. Make delicious, calming tea from the flowers.  


Takes 1-2 weeks to germinate and needs full sun. They're gorgeous too and you can even plant them in pots to accent your garden or apartment balcony. This is a medicinal herb that's also really popular when you make your own skincare. 

Lemon Balm:

Takes 2 weeks to germinate and needs full sun and partial shade. I keep this in my garden throughout the year. It's very sturdy! It's delicious as tea. 


This just smells wonderful, and you can make tea, things like soap and bath salt. it takes 2-3 weeks to grow and needs full sun and dry soil. 

Mint or peppermint:

I also keep this herb in my garden throughout the year because mint tea very quickly soothes your belly. You should propagate this from another plant or grab a seedling from a store. 


Good luck!