I Got On Oprah!

I Got On Oprah!

I was so proud to be able to honor my two beautiful and strong abuelitas, thanks to this incredible series by Women's Health, and Oprah Daily in time for Hispanic Heritage Month. Oprah even gave us a nice shoutout!

The article “What Our Abuelitas Taught Us About Relationships” and the series really struck me because it’s one of those rare works of art that paints Hispanic people as complex, multilayered, and 3-dimensional perspective - versus as a monolith, which is how we're traditionally marketed to. 

Let’s honor our abuelas everyday with everything that we do always and forever because they made us who we are. I know we miss them so much, especially those of us who left our countries long ago.

Their strength, courage in the face of challenges, and their incredible resiliency have inspired so many of us to reach for goals as big as mountains. 

For this we honor you, abuelitas.