Señora Chronicles: Joanna Vargas On Her Abuelita, Her Latina Señora Era & A Lovely Mask Ritual

Señora  Chronicles: Joanna Vargas On Her Abuelita, Her Latina Señora Era & A Lovely Mask Ritual

Having lived in in LA for many decades, you always hear about the best of the best in beauty treatments. I had always heard whispers about this magical name -  Joanna Vargas.

Vargas is one of the most sought after aestheticians in the country, with salons in both Los Angeles and New York, as well as a decadent skincare line that's everywhere. - including Thirteen Lune alongside Vamigas

She's also a major celeb-favorite with a red carpet pedigree that includes clients like Mindy Kaling, Vanessa Hudgens, Sofia Coppola, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Helena Christensen, Elisabeth Moss, and a glamorous list so long we it would take us weeks to finish this blog post. 

But one thing you may not know, amigas, is that she is also a gorgeous Latina! Vargas, who is of mixed Puerto Rican and Mexican descent, told Thirteen Lune that her beautiful abuelita has been her biggest inspiration in beauty and in her brand. 

We got a chance to talk to Joanna, about her inspiration, her rituals, and how important it has always felt to incorporate the idea of her own señora era into her life. 

What's Joanna's typical señora life weekend? 

"First, things like a Sunday bath and mask ritual feels very much like a tradition I carried on from my grandmother," she told us. "Even my 10 year old daughter loves to bathe and cover herself in sweet smelling creams and serums, finishing with a tiny spritz of some delicious fragrance."

And of course, what's a señora era without a perrito. "An after work walk with our dog is the ultimate time to unwind and incorporate leisure and wellness into a daily routine," she gushed. 

We loved to hear how Joanne closed out her day with a delicious and creative habit - and took notes. "When I am hanging out in the evening with the family I am always doing some painting, embroidery or some other type of art I love while I listen to the sounds of life around me."

That certainly sounds like a beautiful señora life indeed.