I'm Talking to Oprah About Joy And The Señora Life

I'm Talking to Oprah About Joy And The Señora Life

Guess what - I'm going to be talking to Oprah tonight! The secret is out! 

I am so excited to announce that I’m an Oprah Insider and tonight will be on a “Life You Want” class, chatting with the brilliant Oprah Winfrey , with the author of Power of Fun Catherine Price, and other ladies about the connection between joy and True Fun.

When was the last time you felt laugh out loud panza laughs? True carcajadas?

Or were so focused in your activity that you forgot about any worries you had? (Instagram doomscrolling doesn’t count!).

You need more of those in your life, sí o sí!

Catherine says that’s called flow and it’s a core life experience that will give you more energy, connection, and will make you feel happier and even healthier than ever before.

Fun for the sake of fun isn’t indulgent or selfish. It’s a necessity. (If you’re a mama, pleeeease read that over again.)

It’s kind of like the Señora Life experiences our community talks about so much, right? Little daily things that bring you joy, like tecito on the porch.

So tonight, right in time for the holidays, everyone will be chatting about the critical importance of these moments.

I’m so nervous to meet my heroes 😬so please come join me! Sign up for Oprah Daily membership here

And buy the book if you haven’t read it already!

When was the last time you felt real joy? You know what I mean: those moments when every fiber of your being feels alive, energized, and excited—a feeling that you’re doing exactly what you were meant to do. Over the years, I’ve learned how to find joy in the little things: the first sip of a hot cup of tea, reading a great book, or sitting in silence watching the sunset. It’s easy to get caught up in the nonessential aspects of our lives and forget to enjoy ourselves. But the truth is, you have the option to choose joy this very moment. Decide to start each day with fresh eyes, to see the world with renewed wonder, and experience jubilance on every level.” —Oprah