Señora Chronicles: What We Can Learn From Our Ancestors, Abuelitas, And Comadres From Our Past

Señora Chronicles: What We Can Learn From Our Ancestors, Abuelitas, And  Comadres From Our Past

 We have been thinking a lot about the señoras in our ancestral lines. Gently going about their day, doing little things that were likely so natural to them: gardening, making tea, baking pan amasado, listening to la radio. 

In many ways, stepping into your señora era signals a radical return to self-care, self-protection, of creating a sense of peace in our homes, and being self-sufficient in a way that our culture hasn’t seen since our abuelas or bisabuelas were young.

Reclaiming our señora eras is really reclaiming their very simple rituals that forced these generations to take some time each day to simply rest, and just be. 

Our grandparents and great grandparents lived in this way intuitively, simply because it was all they knew. And this helped them live well. 

We talked to Georgina Juarez/ Patecatl Cihuatl about her señora era and what it has to do with our ancestral past and the women of our homelands. 

She is a curaderismo practioner with Kalpulli Teocali Ollin, and certified coach and owner of Mujer Magic, where she helps guide you to reawaken your ancestor's beautiful indigenous rituals and healing that assist you in becoming unapologetic for your Magic. 

You can check out Georgina's online classes here, which include blessings, affirmations and spells, and ancestors and altar work. 

Here's what she told us. 

What does señora mean to you?

 When I think about the term señora, I envision being back in Mexico as a child and seeing señoras with their aprons, sweeping their porches early in the morning, as they begin their day.

These women are beautiful and powerful matriarchs of the family. Las abuelitas, tias, vecinas, & comadres who gather together to share their cafecito, & stories and are always greeted with respect.

Señora to me isn't necessarily an age (even though there is certainly wisdoms that only come with experiences lived) it's an essence of spirit & inner strength.

How are you stepping into your own señora era?

Humbly, gently, exhausted, & sometimes confused (laughs). But mostly grateful for the lessons and healing that I can bring into this era and transition of my life.

The self awareness I have gained with age up to this point is truly a blessing. I believe it's important to allow ourselves to become the healing señoras of our family, so that we can honor those in our lineage who may never have had that opportunity.

It is more than a word - it's a remembering of our ancestors of those who came before and how we can be the señoras that help heal our families & future generations.